Why Organic Cotton?

Why Buy Organic Clothing?

The clothes we wear help define our personal style. Whether we are at work or play, the clothes we choose make a statement to the world and reflect who we are. The impact of our choices can be even more beneficial when we choose clothing made with 100% organic cotton and bamboo fabrics. You get all the style you want but without the adverse environmental impact!

Conventional cotton is the most widely sprayed agricultural crop in the world. Harmful pesticides, chemical fertilizers and known convential herbicides are used. This leads to chemical leakage into our water, air and absorbed into the skin even after manufacturing is completed. Washing the fabrics only eliminates a fraction of the toxic chemicals and the cotton continues to leak chemicals long after.

Organic cotton is grown without any of these chemicals. The process of growing organic cotton lends to the crops sustainable farming methods. From hand tilling to hand weed removal, the process is safe for the environment and the cotton produced is free of chemicals. Harmful pecticides and herbicides are eliminated during production which encourages “good” insects such as bees and butterflies in the crops.

Organic cotton has additional benefits since the cotton is not treated with formaldehyde treatments. This chemical is applied to all conventional cotton fabrics to maintain a smooth finish and color. This chemical is extremely toxic and is absorbed into your skin and leaks into the air. Even after washing formaldehyde lingers in the clothes. Organic cotton has a wonderful soft texture and wears extremely well. Anyone with sensitive skin will benefits from wearing Organic since the fabrics are free of strong chemical dyes and chemicals that are known skin irritants.

Bamboo fabrics are equally safe for the environment and very sustainable. Bamboo grows naturally without any pesticides or fertilizers and is the fastest growing plant in the world! Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial since it inhibits bacteria growth naturally. This fabric is perfect for people with sensitive skin and has been found by many to be the perfect solution if they suffer with sensitive skin.

Buying Organic and eco-friendly bamboo products sends a clear message of your commitment to your health, your family’s health and the health of the environment. It is such a great feeling to look amazing and help sustain the environment at the same time! The more we buy organic the more manufacturers will realize the demand and switch to a more healthy and sustainable source for their fabrics.

Office in Dallas, Texas, Organic Treasure is an online retailer of 100% Organic, eco-friendly and fair trade baby clothes, accessories and toys, as well as women’s clothes and accessories. All product lines are individually chosen from eco-friendly manufactures who adhere to a strong commitment to organic materials, sustainability efforts and fair trade practices.

written by Vivian Pflanzer

Owner - Organic Treasure

Resources: Organic Trade Association http://www.ota.com/organic/faq.html